class times
Tuesday  10:30am

10-CLASS PACK  $240

It's time to ROCK with your walking, verbal and physically active child as they explore musical concepts like pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics and tempo.


• Children learn by modeling the behavior of their parent or caregiver along with Karyn. Your enthusiastic participation is required so your child gains the most from class.

• Please arrive on time so we can accommodate you as our maximum class size is 15 students. Drop-ins are subject to availability. 

• You have four months to use your classes from date of purchase. 

• Purchases are limited to use on selected day and time.


Little RocknRollers: Toddlers picks up where Little RocknRollers: Babies leaves off. The class is designed for 1- 2.5 yr. olds that are walking, becoming verbal and very physically active. It's time to ROCK!

The musical concepts of pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics and tempo absorbed in Little RocknRollers: Babies become more cognitively integrated. Children play their shakers, drums, bells with focus and enthusiasm. They learn to play high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft as well as simple rhythmic patterns. Organized movement is introduced such as dancing, jumping, stomping, spinning, clapping and kicking. The toddlers are encouraged to explore their physical potential in a safe, free and fun atmosphere. 

Little RocknRollers: Toddlers provides excellent preparation for the pre-school experience. It gives your toddler an opportunity to follow directions, lengthen attention span, and develop social skills. Through modeling the behavior of parent/caregiver and teacher your child will learn to focus and engage in high spirited musical activity. They will take with them the most important concept: Music is fun!