class times
wednesday  10:30am  
THURSDAY    3:30pM
saturDAY  10:00aM 

10-CLASS PACK  $240

Karyn explores an eclectic mix of songs and instruments as children play along on shakers, drums, ukuleles, and guitars for high-spirited musical fun for all! 


• Children learn by modeling the behavior of their parent or caregiver along with Karyn. Your enthusiastic participation is required so your child gains the most out of class.

• Please arrive on time so we can accommodate you as our maximum class size is 15 students. Drop-ins are subject to availability.

• Drop-ins are not available for Saturday. 

• You have four months to use your classes from date of purchase. 

• Purchases are limited to use on selected day and time.




A fun, educational, and rockin' musical experience from infancy to 4 years old. Karyn plays original songs, traditional children's music, and an eclectic mix of genres for young rockers to shake, drum, dance or strum along with!

Karyn Kuhl leads all the Little RocknRollers groups by singing and playing her acoustic guitar. She uses original songs, traditional children's music and music from many other genres such as classical, rock, reggae, jazz, salsa and more.

These classes provide excellent preparation for the pre-school experience. It gives your child an opportunity to follow directions, lengthen attention span, and develop social skills. Through modeling the behavior of parent or caregiver and teacher your child will learn to focus and engage in high-spirited musical activity. They will take with them the most important concept: Music is fun!