class times
Tuesday  9:30am

10-CLASS PACK  $240

Karyn introduces children to the guitar and ukulele. They'll play along while learning simple strumming patterns, the names of the strings and parts of the instruments.


• Children learn by modeling the behavior of their parent or caregiver along with Karyn. Your enthusiastic participation is required so your child gains the most from class.

• Please arrive on time so we can accommodate you as our maximum class size is 15 students. Drop-ins are subject to availability. 

• You have four months to use your classes from date of purchase. 

• Purchases are limited to use on selected day and time.




Due to the overwhelming popularity of the guitar with young children, Little RocknRollers: Drum 'N Strum was created! The class is designed for children with rapidly developing cognitive, verbal and physical skills.

Little RocknRollers: Drum 'N Strum provides children with an introduction to the guitar. Karyn leads the group by singing and playing her acoustic guitar. The children play along with their very own child size guitar! They learn the proper way to hold it and the focus is kept mainly on the strumming hand. Using a guitar pick, playing simple strumming patterns, learning the names of the strings, and parts of the guitar will be some of your child's newly acquired musical skills.

Through the use of Karyn's original songs, printed visuals and steady focus on guitar and drums, your child's relationship to music deepens. Basic concepts previously explored in Little RocknRollers: Babies and Little RocknRollers: Toddlers such as pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics and tempo are defined and integrated into your child's musical vocabulary. 

With the use of hand drums, written musical notes and note values are introduced. Various rhythmic patterns are explored and children get a taste of being in the "spotlight" while doing "drum solos" for the class. Drummers 'n Strummers listen to, play along with, dance and move to songs from various genres such as rock, reggae, salsa, funk, jazz, classical and more.